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Shriners Hospital Upper Extremity Evaluation (SHUEE) Case Studies


The following section includes 3 case studies for viewing and scoring.  The key gives explanation to the scores and will refer you to the section of the manual which explains the correct score.  You can print out blank scoring forms by clicking the Forms link above.  Score each case on your own and then view the provided scores by clicking the appropriate link.  Questions in regards to scoring can be directed to the authors.

Case Study 1:     Video    Case Study 1 scores

Tearing Paper: Note how she manipulates right upper extremity against left upper extremity by pulling the paper towards her body.

Wrist Extension: Note the wrist extension on the final toss of the ball.  Refer to the Wrist Segment Alignment scoring explanation.  To receive a wrist extension classification, the wrist does not need to maintain extension throughout the entire task.

Case Study 2:     Video    Case Study 2 scores

Donning Sock:  Note that the sock is held weakly by the subject.

Wrist Extension:  At no time during the ball toss does the wrist extend beyond flexion.  Refer to the Wrist Segment Alignment scoring explanation.

Case Study 3:     Video     Case Study 3 scores

String Beads:  The physical cue by the therapist indicates a score of 0.  Refer to the House Scale example video for a score of 0.

Thumb Segment:  While tearing the paper, the web space is closed with no visible light within the web space.  Refer to the Thumb Segmental Alignment scoring explanation.

Score Summary for all three studies


The following case studies are provided for more practice.  However, explanations of the provided scores are omitted.

Case Study 1:     Video    Case Study II – 1 scores

Case Study 2:     Video    Case Study II – 2 scores

Case Study 3:     Video    Case Study II – 3 scores

Case Study 4:     Video    Case Study II – 4 scores

Case Study 5:     Video    Case Study II – 5 scores


Score Summary for all Case Studies


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