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On Friday, July 21, 24 students aspiring to become doctors visited our Northern California Shriners Hospital as part of the Decision Medicine Program sponsored by the San Joaquin Medical Society.  The main goal of the visit was to show the students what makes a stand-alone children’s hospital unique. After a brief introduction and tour of the hospital school and orthotics and prosthetics lab, the students engaged in a medical play activity led by child life specialists.  Students participating in the program are about to begin their senior year of high school. They found their experience at Shriners to be truly enlightening.

Here are just a few of the comments they shared:

The passion that I have witnessed here at Shriners is awe-inspiring, it reminded me of why I wanted to become a doctor in the very first place.  Please continue to give the children hope!


I was seen here at Shriners Hospital for spina bifida. The care I received was amazing and coming here today made me more driven to help children like me as a doctor.  I loved every second of it and hope to come back as a physician.


This visit just made me want to be a pediatrician even more. Thank you for having us and allowing us the opportunity to hang out with amazing children. We hope we brought a little bit of happiness, because they definitely brought us a ton.


I was really inspired by the way in which the medical play process took place as it really opened my eyes to see how easily we take things for granted. Reminds me that at the end of the day, children are children regardless of health conditions.


This experience made me want to go into pediatrics even more! We also saw a classroom where kids get their education, and it would be awesome to come back and teach them, too.  This experience also made me want to help my community and be more involved with the youth.


It is inspiring to see all the work doctors, nurses, and volunteers put into making the children’s experience as comfortable as possible.


I loved being able to see how the prosthetics and orthotics were made in the lab and the processes they had to go through.


Shriners Hospitals for Children was such an amazing experience. I will remember this day and all the beautiful moments I shared with the children.


It’s hard to believe there are such honest and good people in the world, but then I walked into Shriners Hospital.  All the employees work not for themselves but for the good of the children’s lives.


It was absolutely beautiful to see that in the midst of the sorrows and sadness, and hardships in their young lives, these young children still had beaming smiles on their faces and were so happy.  That happiness and joy is all because of Shriners.


Interacting with children is always great, and it takes a certain type of person to do it. You guys have truly mastered that gift. Thank you for everything.


My experience at the Shriners Hospital expanded my perspective of the medical field with all of the accommodations for the children.


Thank you for giving us such an amazing opportunity! I hope for the best to all the children who come in and out of Shriners.


Going to a children’s hospital like this is very eye-opening.

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  1. I’m tears eyed! Thank you for sharing the students’ comments. Our son, Kevin, has wanted to be a pediatric surgeon since he was three (after having a total of 17 surgeries). I’ll pass this info on to him.

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