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Chloe, Shriners Hospitals for Children in Sacramento/ Northern California patient

Meet Chloe

Condition: Lower-limb deficiency

Chloe was just four months old when she made her first visit to Shriners Hospital. She has been a patient ever since.  Thanks to the care provided by orthopaedic surgeon Joel Lerman, M.D., and his team, Chloe says, “I can do anything.”

Born without a fibula in her left leg, Chloe’s foot was amputated when she was 1 year old.  She then spent three months in a body cast to help correct an undeveloped hip. A few weeks after her cast was removed, Chloe was fitted for her first prosthesis.  The prosthetic team at the Northern California hospital has designed several new legs for Chloe over the years, each one thoughtfully crafted to suit Chloe’s active lifestyle — including her passion for dance.

an image of Chloe walking outside with her prosthetic leg attachedDuring the school day, Chloe is focused on her studies, which she hopes will lead one day to a college degree and a career as a Marine Biologist.  In her free time, she enjoys the company of friends and performing with a contemporary and jazz dance group.

Her mother says their family is extremely grateful for the care provided by Shriners Hospital. “Being able to take Chloe somewhere where her ‘special foot’ is nothing new, never being asked for payment and being treated with love and respect by all the staff is absolutely priceless!”

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