Passion for gardening grows into passion to help children

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Davis gardener and feng shui expert Huei Young transformed her Davis home and garden into an Asian oasis. She was introduced to Shriners Hospitals for Children by Jon R. Davids, M.D., Assistant Chief of Orthopaedics and Director of the Cerebral Palsy Center of Excellence at our Northern California Shriners Hospital. Since then, Huei’s passion for gardening has grown into a passion to help children.  She has opened her Davis garden for tours to benefit our cerebral palsy program. Below, she shares a bit about her experience with us.

Why did your choose Shriners Hospitals for Children as the beneficiary of your garden tours? I have children, and I love them very much.   I cannot imagine what it is like for a family when their children need very critical care, but they cannot afford it.  Shriners Hospitals for Children is famous for the wonderful work they do in helping these children and for making sure that as much of the donations as possible goes to help them.  When I met Dr. Jon Davids and saw what a caring person he is and I saw the videos showing the near-miraculous results his program has had, I knew I wanted to help, and that the community would be enthusiastic in their support.  Jon has the kind of personality that makes you want to help, and I am proud to count him as a friend.

Do the guests who tour your garden share your passion for gardening?  Some do, and they often know the name of every plant, but most are just interested in the layout, design, and how in such a relatively small space, I have provided several different settings to enjoy.

What are some of the questions the tour guests ask?  Of course, the gardeners are interested in the types of plants, how well they do in sun or shade, how much water is needed, which plants survive in various soils, and suggestions on how they can design their gardens to provide an enjoyable atmosphere.  They often want to know how long it took to transform my ordinary backyard into the garden that it is now.  I tell them how feng shui concepts can help them design with harmony and balance.

What have you learned from the tours?  Some visitors have suggested plants I might want to incorporate in the future.  I have also learned how much the public respects Shriners Hospitals for Children and the work they do.

I’d like to add that my garden is my passion, but everyone can have their own passion — something that they can create and continue to work on for the enjoyment of themselves and others.


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