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Care&SupportEvery child dreams of being in the driver’s seat. But not all children travel the same road. For children faced with physical challenges, fulfilling the promise of a brighter tomorrow can be a long and bumpy ride.  The internationally recognized doctors and researchers at Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California are determined to put children in the driver’s seat and set them on the road to independence.

Children born with congenital disorders, challenged by orthopaedic problems, scarred by accidental injuries, or paralyzed in a split-second all benefit from the finest in specialized pediatric care.  When children are burned in house fires and automobile accidents, it is care that saves lives.  When children are born with hand deformities, club foot, cleft lip and other complex disorders, it is care that transforms lives.

The distinguished medical team includes leaders of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Burn Association, the Scoliosis Research Society and other noted medical organizations. Journal editors, textbook authors and winners of outstanding teaching awards are counted among the medical team.  All are focused on advanced practices. They conduct research, lecture nationally and internationally and work collaboratively to ensure that every child they serve benefits from exceptional care and expertise.

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Please call our Referral Center to schedule an appointment, call (916) 453-2191 or via email at A Referral Coordinator will partner with you to gather the necessary information to allow our physician leadership to evaluate the best path for your child.
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