Care at Home

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Coming home from the hospital is a happy time. It means your child is getting better. At home, you will have to take care of your child to help them continue to heal.On this page we have provided a list of educational resources to help you care for your child. Please don’t hesitate to call our Outpatient Clinic at 916-453-2000 if you have questions or need more information.


Cast Care

General Cast
Hip Spica Cast
Shoulder Spica Cast

Click here to read how our cast technicians enjoy designing special casts for every child.

Caring For Your Orthotics and Prosthetics

Spine Brace (TLSO)
Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO)

Knee Care After Arthroscopy

Post Operation Knee Arthroscopy

Video: Moving Your Child After Surgery

Video: Transferring Your Child Into and Out Of A Car After Surgery

Video: Transporting Your Child in a Car After Surgery or Casting


Make an Appointment

Please call our Referral Center to schedule an appointment, call (916) 453-2191 or via email at A Referral Coordinator will partner with you to gather the necessary information to allow our physician leadership to evaluate the best path for your child.
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