Cerebral Palsy Services

Because each child with cerebral palsy is unique, we determine the best and most appropriate treatment for each child. In our state-of-the-art facility, we have teams of specialists that provide the following services:

Physical & Occupational Therapy: An experienced team of physical and occupational therapists work with children to develop the motor skills of their hands, arms, and legs.  They provide consultation services throughout the child’s clinic and hospital experience.

Orthotics: Our nationally recognized group of on-site orthotic specialists design and fabricate custom braces and other orthotics devices to help with a child’s mobility.

Spasticity Management:  Our team of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians and staff offer medical treatment for spasticity to help with function in children with cerebral palsy.  Some children will benefit from minimally-invasive focal injections of medications to help with spasticity, while others could benefit from state-of-the art implantable pumps that can deliver medications directly to the nerves causing spasticity.  Our experienced team can help guide families to the best medical management of their child.

Pediatric Care:  A pediatrician experienced in the assessment and management of the many medical conditions that children with cerebral palsy may have is a valued member of the team and ensures that all treatments are safe and maximally effective. 

Motion Analysis: Our gait and motion analysis experts use cameras and sensors to measure how children use their muscles and oxygen to move. Our multi-disciplinary team applies the data gathered through motion analysis to plan treatments and measure outcomes. 

Surgical Care:  When bone problems or muscle tightness become more severe, precise and well-timed surgical procedures can help a child’s function. Our highly trained pediatric orthopaedic surgeons use bone imaging and motion analysis to plan a Single Event Multilevel Surgery (SEMLS).  This allows multiple bone, joint, muscle, and tendon problems to be addressed in a single intervention, speeding up a child’s recovery and rehabilitation.

Anesthesia & Pain Management:  A team of experienced pediatric anesthesiologists and pain specialists use advanced tools both inside and outside of the operating room to keep children comfortable as they recover from surgery.

Community Connections:  Our physicians and therapists have close ties in the communities served by Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California, and they help families identify and transition to services available to them in their home communities. Our therapists serve as a link to community therapists so that the intensive therapy received by the children after surgery continues in their community.  Our social workers help families find resources in their community to optimize a child’s function.

Patient Referral

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