Camp Winning Hands

Children and teens with hand differences showed they really are superheroes when they gathered at Camp Arroyo in Livermore for Camp Winning Hands July 9 -12.  Activities organized by the pediatric hand teams at Shriners Hospital and  UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland allowed kids to play and explore in a safe, supportive environment. This year’s activities were structured around the Superheroes theme:

Camp began with activities to help campers prepare for the superhero training course that tested accuracy, agility, speed.The water cup game took a page from the Superman playbook  as campers were instructed to remove radioactive material from the city . . . but campers could not touch the cup, as it was dangerous and leaking already!

The Save Your Counselor game paired physical and mental strength an dexterity as campers were told villa
ins had kidnapped their counselors, who must be rescued for camp to continue!

Continue it did, as campers tested their agility and stamina as they navigated through the Laser Beams. They had to be quick and nimble to avoid touching a beam and setting off the alarm.

Before it was over, the superheroes tested their brute strength as they competed for victory in a game of Tug of War.

To learn more about Camp Winning Hands or find out how you can participate in this enriching experience, please go to camp winning hands webpage or contact Janice Conroy, R.N. at 916-453-2061


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