Burn Prevention Safety Tips

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Electrical safety

Be safe around electricity. In the U.S., electrical burns and injuries from lightning result in approximately 3,000 admissions to specialized burn units annually, and result in about 1,000 fatalities. In addition, electrical fires in residences cause more than 25,000 fires annually.

Tip sheet: Be Safe Around Electricity

Fire safety

Keep children safe from fire. Approximately 85 percent of fire-related deaths occur in homes. And every year, more than 400 children under age 10 die in home fires.
Fires and burns are the third leading cause of deaths that occur in the home, the third-leading cause of injury-related fatalities among children ages 1-9, and the fourth most prevalent cause for children ages 10-14 in the U.S. Many more could be prevented by following some prevention tips and precautions.

Tip sheet: Keep Children from Fire

Scald safety

Prevent scald injuries. Every day, hundreds of young children with burn injuries are taken to emergency rooms. They were not even near a flame. The children are victims of scalds. Clearly, this is a real danger. Scald burns (caused by hot liquids, steam or foods) are the most common burn injury among children ages 4 and younger. According to Safe Kids USA, an average of 12 children ages 14 and under die from scald burn injuries each year. Children ages 4 and under account for nearly all of these deaths. While the number of injuries is distressing, even more disturbing is the fact that many of these burns could have been prevented.

Tip sheet: Keep Children Safe from Scalds


Burn Prevention Safety Tips

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