Instructional Course Materials for the 2017 Meeting of AACPDM


Shriners Hospitals for Children – Northern California physicians, nurses, and therapists have been invited as faculty to present at the 71st meeting of the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) at the Palais des Congress de Montreal in Montreal, Canada from September 13-16, 2017.  The full course materials can be downloaded below.  We hope you find them beneficial and share them widely.


IC11: The Single Event Multi-Level Surgery (SEMLS) Went Well, Now What?  An Evidence-Based Guide to Management in the First Year After Surgery to Improve Gait

Faculty:  Vedant Kulkarni, MD; Jon Davids, MD; Karen Howes, RN, FNP; Suzanne Bratkovich, PT

Course Overview:  Single-Event Multi-Level Surgery (SEMLS) has emerged as the standard of care for improving gait in children with cerebral palsy at high-volume centers using instrumented gait analysis. A successful outcome requires not only appropriately indicated and executed surgeries, but also effective post-operative pain management, orthotics, and rehabilitation. This course will provide the attendee with a variety of evidence-based methods for optimizing the experience and outcome in the first year after SEMLS.

Course Materials:

BRK 16: Interpreting Hip Surveillance X-Rays With the HipScreen App – A Primer for the Radiology Novice

Faculty:  Vedant Kulkarni, MD;  Jon Davids, MD; Kate Willoughby, B Physio, D Physio;* Pamela Thomason, MPT*

*Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Course Overview:  This seminar will introduce participants without formal training in radiology to the fundamentals of interpretation of hip surveillance radiographs. Participants will be tutored on identifying important radiographic landmarks for the measurement of migration percentage, and will also learn radiographic signs of poor positioning that could limit the accuracy of the measurement. The majority of the seminar will be spent on actual measurement of hip surveillance radiographs using the award-winning HipScreen App with coaching of experienced clinicians.

Course Materials:

IC 19:  Gait Analysis at Your Fingertips:  Enhancing Observational Gait Analysis Using Mobile Device Technology and the Edinburgh Visual Gait Scale

Faculty:  Jon Davids, MD; Vedant Kulkarni, MD; Suzanne Bratkovich, PT

Course Overview:  This course provides the foundation for performing observational gait analysis enhanced by mobile app technology using the Edinburg Visual Gait Scale. The course will begin with an overview of normal gait and a summary of the most common gait deviations seen in children with neuromuscular disorders. Then, the optimal techniques for acquisition and analysis of gait videos using a mobile device will be presented. The Edinburg Visual Gait Scale will be reviewed, and case examples will be utilized to illustrate the principles of video acquisition, processing, and analysis.

Course Materials:


Sample Videos for Analysis






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